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Helping San Diego taxpayers, individual and business entities, settle and prevent IRS audits of any kind

IRS audits happen, in many cases it's unavoidable. When the IRS flags an individual or business tax return for an audit, it could be a product of random selection (similar to TSA checkpoints), or due to serious issues with a tax filing. Either way, it's important to have the proper representation and counseling to prepare for, and settle the audit with minimal, or no damage.  California Pure Tax has a team of licensed tax professionals, including tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accountants that cover all bases for our San Diego clients facing IRS audits of any kind.

What does IRS audit representation entail? When the IRS requests certain paperwork or records, you better produce the correct documents and submit them properly, or risk prolonging the audit even further, or even penalties.  Our licensed tax experts will help you dissect all tax filings, present the proper documentation, and represent you with the IRS to settle the audit without the risk of penalties or other consequences. We want to provide IRS audit protection for our clients, to not only settle the audit, but prevent them down the road!

If you are a San Diego area individual or business facing an audit of any kind, contact our office today to discover how our IRS audit representation services can greatly benefit you.


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