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Tax Resolution Services in San Diego, CA

We strive to deliver the best IRS tax help for California residents struggling with IRS tax problems

At California Pure Tax Resolution, we are a tax resolution firm that not only delivers results for IRS problems, but also a company that delivers the best possible experience for our clients. Customer service and transparency has always lacked in our industry, so we put the burden on our shoulders to change that in the eyes of San Diego taxpayers. At Pure Tax Resolution, you are getting an in-house team of licensed tax professionals that put your needs first. Our tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accountants not only are seasoned professionals in resolving tax problems, but they also provide direct communication with our clients throughout the entire tax resolution process.

Our President, Tim Halcomb deals with every client to ensure their tax resolution needs are taken care of, professionally and promptly. If you are a taxpayer of San Diego or any surrounding area facing tax problems, or need professional tax consulting to maintain healthy tax compliance, we invite you to contact our firm today for a free consultation. We will go to bat for you right away, to secure the best possible tax settlement and give you peace of mind knowing you aren't being sold down the pipe to the highest bidder. We are tax help you can trust!

tax resolution for IRS problems in San Diego, CA

Maddi Benedict - Tax Attorney

Tax Attorneys and Accounting Experts Delivering a Wide Range of Solutions for IRS Problems for San Diego Taxpayers

The Tax Attorney Advantages

Unlike many faceless tax help companies that outsource their services, California Pure Tax Resolution is comprised of licensed, knowledgeable tax attorneys that are direct employees of the firm.  They work directly with our clients, ensuring their case is handled promptly, and professionally with transparent communication.  Their expert IRS negotiation skills, combined with customer-friendly services allows our firm to provide the best tax attorney services in San Diego.

Back Tax Filings

Getting your back tax returns, and misfiled tax returns properly filed is crucial before you can reach any type of IRS tax relief. If you are a San Diego taxpayer facing back taxes or penalties as a result of unfiled/misfiled tax returns, or want to take proactive action to file past year returns before the IRS penalizes you, we can assist you with every need. Our firm consists of tax accounting and preparation experts that have the ability to bring your tax filing back into compliance.

IRS Back Tax Settlement Plans

For San Diego taxpayers that need help paying back taxes, our firm offers proven back tax settlement options.  Most important step to settle your back taxes is to take action ASAP and contact professional back tax help, as the longer you wait, the more issues you will face. At California Pure Tax, our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the ability to secure a viable back tax relief program, depending on your tax debt and financial situation. If you are struggling with back taxes or penalties, contact our office today for a free consultation so we can get the IRS off your back.

Stop Wage Garnishments & IRS Collections

Yes, you can stop wage garnishment once it starts, but it requires the immediate attention of a licensed wage garnishment attorney. At our firm, our team of tax attorneys can provide direct communication with the IRS to fight wage garnishment and secure a viable tax settlement plan. If you are a California taxpayer in the San Diego area currently being garnished or levied, or have received Intent to Levy notices in the mail, your next move should be contacting a tax garnishment relief professional. Our firm is ready for your phone call today, we'd be happy to help you stop wage garnishment and get you back into tax compliance ASAP.

Tax Penalty Abatement

Tax penalties and interest kind of fly under the radar when it comes to tax problems, as back tax debt usually gets all the attention and hysteria, but they turn out to be the most damaging in many cases. For San Diego taxpayers that have prolonged tax debt, or just experiencing it, it's crucial to consult with a local tax relief firm that can find a viable tax penalty abatement (settlement) plan that will reduce or eliminate tax penalties before they grow out of control. Our firm can help, along with securing back tax settlement plans, we can explore and options to eliminate penalties and interest as well.

IRS Audit Representation

Most IRS audits are relatively harmless, but still require the proper attention and management in order to avoid issues.  If you are an individual in the San Diego area facing a tax return audit, our team of tax experts can provide IRS audit representation to make sure your audit is settled properly, and avoid future tax filing issues.

Foreign Tax Compliance

Facing compliance issues with offshore assets or foreign inheritances? Need help with VISA or foreign business taxation?  Looking to invest offshore and need preemptive consulting? Our firm has a team of international tax experts and advisors that help San Diego areas residents navigate any issue with FBAR / FATCA compliance, or general consulting for international tax matters.

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