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Tim Halcomb ~ President of Pure Tax Resolution

" For taxpayers in the San Diego area facing tax problems of any kind, California Pure Tax Resolution provides a complete suite of expert IRS tax help and consulting. I started Pure Tax Resolution in 2008, to provide a refreshing alternative to the faceless tax marketers, and shady tax relief companies that fail to deliver on their promises. Our firm consists of in-house tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting professionals that deliver results and transparency for our clients. If you are an individual or business in the San Diego area looking to settle IRS tax debt, or would benefit from professional tax consulting to help with domestic or foreign tax compliance, we invite you to contact our office today for a free consultation. I will personally ensure you get the results and treatment you expect. Thank you "

Tax Services

Licensed Tax Attorneys

Seasoned tax attorneys providing expert tax law representation, available when you need them.

IRS Back Taxes Help

Owe back taxes & penalties to the IRS? Our team can help you secure a viable back tax settlement plan.

Back Tax Filings

Our expert tax accountants will bring your delinquent tax filing back into compliance.

Fight Wage Garnishments

Stop IRS wage garnishment and other IRS seizures with the help our licensed wage garnishment attorneys.

IRS Audit Protection

Expert tax audit representation and settlement for individuals facing IRS audits.

Tax Services

Payroll Tax Help

For San Diego businesses struggling with payroll tax problems, we provide full-service payroll tax resolution and management programs.

Tax Audit Help

IRS audits are a serious matter, we can rectify and avoid any audit against your business.

Business Tax Consulting

Our licensed business tax attorneys and accounting experts help San Diego businesses maintain proper tax filing and compliance.

Full-Service Accounting

Monthly accounting (payroll, bookkeeping, financial & tax filing) programs for San Diego businesses.

Non-Profit Tax Consulting

Non-profit tax consultants helping San Diego residents plan and launch 501C3 organizations.

Tax Services

International Tax Consultants

Our team of international tax attorneys and accountants work with San Diego residents to maintain offshore tax compliance.

FBAR Filing

Foreign tax experts helping you resolve delinquent FBAR and maintain healthy FBAR reporting.

FATCA Reporting

We help San Diego area residents with offshore assets stay compliant with Government FATCA regulations.

Foreign Employment/VISA Matters

Consulting and resolution for international employment / VISA matters.

Foreign Asset Inheritance

If you have inherited foreign assets of any kind, we can help file the proper paperwork and avoid penalties.

About California Pure Tax Resolution

Over the years, the reputation of our industry has taken a significant hit, due to the shady tax relief "companies" that prey on folks in their time of desperation.  These companies launch nationwide marketing campaigns, flooding the TV, airwaves, and internet with toll-free numbers and lofty promises, preying on unsuspecting taxpayers who are panicked with the reality of IRS tax debt.  Although these companies still lurk out there, it's important for San Diego taxpayers to know there is trustworthy, customer-driven tax resolution companies to turn to.

Founded in 2008, Tim Halcomb started Pure Tax Resolution after working in the industry for 15 years. Over this time, he witnessed national tax relief companies take advantage of families and businesses, by promising results they can't deliver and leaving clients out to dry.  To remedy this problem, Tim has built Pure Tax Resolution on a foundation of transparency, results, and customer-driven services.  With California Pure Tax Resolution, you have a team of in-house, licensed, and customer-friendly tax experts, including tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accountants on your side. Our team works directly with each client, providing a direct line of communication between taxpayer, and attorney, giving our clients peace of mind knowing they aren't being sold down the pipe to the highest bidder. So if you are a San Diego area taxpayer needing help with IRS problems, or just need expert tax consulting, we are a full-service tax help firm in San Diego that puts our clients first.

We offer free consultations every day via phone or email, contact our firm today to get the Pure Tax advantage(858) 252-6333.

Free Consultations

Up-Front Pricing

Superior Customer Service

San Diego, CA tax attorneys and tax resolution

Expert Tax Help Catered to San Diego Taxpayers

IRS Tax Attorneys

If you are in need of the best tax attorney services in San Diego, our licensed tax law professionals deliver results for your IRS problems. Our San Diego clients enjoy direct communication with our tax attorneys, ensuring their case is handled with transparency while they negotiate the best possible tax debt settlement with the IRS.

Stop Wage Garnishment

Arguably the most damaging tax problem, when you are victimized by a wage garnishment or levy it's crucial to seek professional help from a licensed wage garnishment attorney.  For taxpayers that take swift action, we can fight wage garnishment and provide a solution to settle your tax debt for good.

Business Tax Help & Consulting

Business tax problems can stem from very small oversights, but can evolve into very serious issues without professional business tax help.  For local businesses struggling with payroll taxes, misfiled tax returns, tax filing issues, or any other business tax issue, our business tax attorneys and accounting experts can help resolve tax problems, and maintain healthy tax compliance.

Foreign Tax Compliance

For California residents owning offshore assets, including real estate, bank accounts, stock market funds, or inheritance, the Government mandates strict reporting regulations. Our international tax experts help local residents stay compliant with FBAR, FATCA, or any other foreign tax compliance matter.

Back Tax Settlement Programs

Our licensed back tax experts, including tax attorneys and enrolled agents have helped hundreds of California taxpayers free themselves from the grasps of IRS back taxes. If you are a San Diego area taxpayers facing back taxes of any degree, we can represent you with the IRS and secure a desirable IRS back tax settlement plan.

Tax Penalty Abatement

Or tax penalty relief, is a settlement option we practice for taxpayers that qualify for reduced tax penalties as a result of back taxes. Just like with settling back taxes, the IRS may grant relief for tax penalties, including reductions or even waivers. Our licensed tax attorneys help San Diego taxpayers pursue these tax penalty relief options.

IRS Audit Representation

For any degree of IRS audit you, or your business may be facing, it's critical to pursue professional audit representation to protect you from any consequences of the audit.  Our tax attorneys and accountants will prepare all documentation, file paperwork, and represent you with the IRS to properly settle your audit.

Non-Profit (501C3) Consulting

One of the most popular services we offer at our firm is 501C3 filing and consulting. If you are a San Diego resident looking to start a non-profit organization and achieve 501C3 tax exempt status, our non-profit tax attorneys can help with planning, filing, and compliance with the IRS.