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Tax Penalty Relief for San Diego Taxpayers

In addition to settling back taxes, our licensed tax experts can secure tax penalty reductions and settlements for California taxpayers

Many California taxpayers in the San Diego area do not realize that a licensed tax attorney can also pursue tax penalty relief options, in addition to settling their back tax debt. Just like with IRS back tax relief plans, the IRS requires certain conditions to be met for tax penalty relief, negotiated by a tax professional that knows how to exercise the tax codes in the favor of taxpayers. At California Pure Tax, we have helped hundreds of taxpayers secure attractive tax penalty settlement plans to reduce, and sometimes eliminate tax penalties and interest altogether.

Why is it important to pursue tax penalty relief ASAP? Mainly because IRS penalties will continue to accumulate over time, digging your tax problem hole even deeper.  Unfortunately, there are a multitude of tax delinquencies that can cause tax penalties, even harmlessly forgetting to file for a single year can get you in the cross-hairs of the IRS.  Don't let tax penalties and interest spiral out of control, give us a call or email today so we can help you better understand how tax penalties work, and how our licensed tax attorneys can secure viable settlement options that will eliminate your penalties, and protect your assets from collections.

We are available right now for a free consultation for all your tax penalty relief needs in San Diego and beyond.

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