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Business Tax Help in San Diego, CA

Our team of licensed business tax consultants, including business tax attorneys and accounting experts help local businesses resolve business tax problems and maintain compliance

Running a profitable business in San Diego demands time and dedication, and you shouldn't have to sacrifice your hard work over a few oversights on your tax filing or payroll. Business owners caught up in serving their customers and keeping things running smoothly often times fail to maintain proper tax filing, which can lead to crippling business tax problems, unfortunately. For local California businesses facing business tax problems of any kind, California Pure Tax and our team of dedicated business tax consultants can help your business maintain compliance. 

From resolving complicated business tax problems like payroll tax debt or tax filing errors, to healthy bookkeeping, tax management, and startup consulting, we are a full-service resource for San Diego businesses. Our team of licensed business tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting professionals work together to provide the business tax help you need to maintain compliance, and grow a profitable business. We invite any local business who needs help with their tax issues to contact our office for a free consultation.

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Professional Business Tax Help Solutions

Business Tax Attorney Advantages

When settling IRS business problems, just like any other IRS issue, it's vital to have a licensed business tax attorney on your side to reach the best possible business tax settlement. As tax law experts that specialize in IRS negotiations, our team of business tax attorneys represent California businesses to settle tax problems in a timely manner, and get your business back into compliance.

Payroll Tax Debt Relief

Payroll taxes are typically the most demanding tax obligation for any business with employees, and as a result payroll tax problems can arise. Even from a few simple oversights on a payroll calculation can issues snowball from. For San Diego taxpayers that have payroll compliance issues, or would like professional payroll tax management, our team of business tax experts provide full service payroll tax relief and consulting.

Business & Corporate Tax Filing Errors

Depending on how your business or corporation is legally setup, your tax filing must follow certain guidelines.  If you don't take the measures to ensure your tax returns are filed under the proper documents, and on time, your business will be facing tax debt penalties, or worse. Our business tax experts, including business tax attorneys and accounting experts will help your business rectify tax filing issues, and establish proper tax filing moving forward.

IRS Audit Defense and Resolution

If your business is ever targeted for an IRS audit, it means you have been subjected to random selection, or there are significant problems or errors the IRS has identified with your tax compliance. Whether minor or severe, it's important to be prepared for your audit to minimize any damage, and avoid them. Our team of licensed tax experts, including tax attorneys and accountants provide expert audit representation for San Diego business owners facing an audit of any degree.

Worker Classification Errors

Yes, as a business owner it is important to pay attention to how you classify your workers, as there are tax laws at the federal and State level you must comply with, or face penalties. 1099? W-2? We'll help you understand the difference and properly classify your workers so you avoid penalties from the IRS.

Business Expense Issues

It's very common for San Diego area businesses to be audited and penalized for overstating business expenses on their tax returns, and find themselves with their hands in cookie jar when the IRS demands for documented proof for their expenses. If you are a San Diego taxpayer facing consequences for overstated deductions on your tax returns, or would like our business tax experts help you avoid issues and bring clarity to filing deductions, we can help every step of the way.

International Business Matters

For San Diego area residents involved with foreign business matters (VISA, green card holders, etc) there are unique tax filing regulations you must comply with. Our team of international tax experts and consultants will help you maintain compliance with international tax reporting, and rectify any existing issues you are having.

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