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Stop Wage Garnishment - San Diego, CA

Licensed wage garnishment lawyers fighting wage garnishment and other IRS collections for San Diego area taxpayers

When facing wage garnishment, levy, or any IRS collection of any kind, time is your worst enemy, so make sure you contact a licensed wage garnishment attorney that will fight your wage garnishment, and provide a solution to stop it immediately. Unfortunately, many San Diego residents facing wage garnishment are panicked and in turn make rash decisions in hiring a professional, and that's what the faceless tax resolution gimmicks want you to do.

When you see the "1-800" tax relief gimmicks on the TV, radio, or internet, they will promise you that your wage garnishment will be stopped, and your tax debt will be waived/reduced, but that's just not how it works.  In cases where a taxpayer is facing wage garnishment, collections, and has significant back tax debt, ideal tax settlements are only reached when a professional tax attorney follows the proper procedures. At Pure Tax Resolution, our team of professional tax attorneys and enrolled agents are direct employees of our firm, and work to educate local taxpayers on how to properly fight wage garnishment. Stopping wage garnishment has a lot to do with how a taxpayer responds and is involved, and our team will help you every step of the way to take the proper measures to do so. 

If you are a taxpayer in the San Diego facing wage garnishment or asset levies, or have received the dreaded Intent to Levy notices in the mail, we invite you to contact our office today so we can introduce you to a viable plan that tackles your back taxes, which in turn allows us to stop wage garnishment, and prevent it down the road.  When you retain our licensed wage garnishment attorneys to handle your case, we will contact the IRS immediately to pull all transcripts and records, formulate a plan to fight wage garnishment, and provide a direct line of communication with you until your wages and assets are safe!

Contact our firm today to learn more about your options for fighting wage garnishment.

Stop wage garnishment San Diego CA

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