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Our seasoned tax law experts combine expert IRS representation with superior customer service to deliver the best tax attorney services in San Diego

In any case of where IRS tax debt is putting your financial future is at risk, it's crucial to hire an IRS attorney firm to properly handle your tax problem.  At California Pure Tax Resolution, we take every tax problem seriously, in more aspect than one.  Not only do we provide experienced and dedicated IRS representation for San Diego individuals and businesses, we promise to provide the best possible customer service for our clients.  With the lack of results, transparency, and honesty in the tax relief world, we are proud to offer a refreshing alternative by offering the best tax attorney services in San Diego.

When you hire Pure Tax Resolution to represent you with the IRS to settle your tax problems, you will have your own tax attorney assigned to your case, available over the phone or email when you need them. So if you are a taxpayer in San Diego or any surrounding area facing tax problems of any kind, individual, business, or otherwise, we invite you to contact our office today so we can provide the tax attorney services your deserve.

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Our Tax Attorney Benefits

Negotiating Back Tax Settlements

When it comes to settling back tax debt, large or small, having a licensed professional that can prepare the proper documentation and reach the proper officials is crucial.  If you are looking for viable options for paying back taxes, our licensed IRS tax attorneys can secure a realistic and affordable back tax relief plan for you. 


Representation and Defense for IRS Audits

IRS audits, minor or severe, require expert audit representation in order to be settled properly, and to avoid them in the future. Our IRS attorneys represent California taxpayers, individual or business, to prepare all documentation, settle audits, and help to avoid them in the future.


Fighting Wage Garnishments and IRS Collections

When facing IRS collections, like wage garnishments or bank levies, there are no room for mistakes. Hiring a licensed wage garnishment attorney is the first step in fighting wage garnishment and settling your back tax problems.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys can contact the IRS immediately to institute a plan to stop wage garnishment and regain your financial freedom.


Business Tax Attorneys

With business tax problems, it can have a huge ripple effect on many levels, including the business ownership, employees, and even their families. Unfortunately, business tax problems can arise from simple oversights on a payroll tax, tax filing, or during the startup process. To resolve business tax problems and to avoid them, our business tax attorneys cover a wide range of business tax help specialties, including business tax relief and expert tax consulting.


Foreign Tax Compliance and Consulting

There is an increasing number of California residents that are somehow involved in foreign assets or business matters, many of which who are facing tax compliance issues from the US government. As the international tax laws continue to evolve, it's crucial to have an international tax advisor on your side to ensure you maintain compliance and avoid penalties.  From FBAR filings and FATCA reporting, to foreign inheritances and business matters, our team of international tax attorneys and consultants help San Diego area residents maintain healthy foreign tax compliance.

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