IRS Back Taxes Help in San Diego, CA

Our licensed tax attorneys help local taxpayers with back tax problems secure convenient and affordable back tax settlement plans

Many San Diego taxpayers need help paying back taxes, but don't know where to turn for professional back taxes help. With the variety of shady tax relief marketers out there, it makes it even harder to find viable options for paying back taxes. At California Pure Tax, we strive every day to fill that void, and help local taxpayers find comfort knowing their back tax problems will be handled professionally, and with transparency. Our firm consists of in-house, licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents that work every day to represent our clients with the IRS, and find the best possible back tax settlement.

It's more than just finding a solution to settle back taxes, we want to advise and guide our clients on the best practices to avoid back tax issues in the future. Depending on our financial situation, we can secure a convenient back tax settlement plan that will not only reduce and settle your back tax debt, but also keep your assets and wages safe from the IRS. Contact our office today to learn more about our back tax settlement services, we look forward to helping you take back your financial future!

Back taxes help in San Diego, CA

Maddi Benedict - Tax Attorney

IRS Back Tax Settlement Options for San Diego Taxpayers

Filing Back Tax Returns

First step in any back tax settlement case is rectifying or amending any back tax returns you have. Only when your tax filing is back into compliance, will the IRS consider granting any tax settlement option. So, if you are a San Diego taxpayer needing help paying back taxes, it's important to get your back tax returns in order. At our firm, our team of seasoned tax accountants work every day to help California clients file back tax returns, setting the stage for resolving their back tax debt.

IRS Installment Plans

The most common form of back tax settlement, and easiest to attain is a monthly installment plan granted by the IRS.  This plan allows San Diego taxpayers with back taxes to pay off their back tax debt over time, without facing collections or other penalties. With the help of our licensed tax attorneys, we can secure this convenient back tax settlement plan for you.

Offer In Compromise

Offer In Compromise (OIC) is a very desirable back settlement plan for people with large sums of tax debt. With the IRS negotiation and representation of our licensed tax attorneys, the IRS, under certain conditions, may agree to accept less than the original tax debt and penalty amount, in order to reach a settlement faster.  There are many steps and conditions involved with qualifying for an OIC, and our tax attorneys can help you start the process.

Currently Not Collectible

In extreme cases where a taxpayer with back taxes is facing financial hardship (inability to pay living expenses) the IRS may grant a CNC status, where your back tax obligation is suspended. If you are a San Diego taxpayer and you owe back taxes to the IRS, and are unable to pay off your back taxes due to financial restrictions, you may qualify for a CNC. It begins with our licensed tax attorneys negotiating with the IRS and preparing the right documentation. If you think you can qualify for a CNC determination, our office may be able to help.

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